Copia Vineyards of Paso Robles at Massimo's Under the light of a June moon...

June brings a new winery and a new venue.  The winery is Copia Vineyards, a Paso Robles based Rhone variety specialist. I “met” Copia’s Owner & Winemaker Varinder Sahi, on Facebook.  I suggested that he could come up from the Central Coast and familiarize our group with his wines. Once we came up with a date, Owner & General Manager Anita Sahi, took over the planning aspects of the dinner. We (Gail and I) visited Copia’s Downtown Paso Robles tasting room for a private tasting, and thoroughly enjoyed their offerings. Most of the grapes for their wines are from Paso Robles or from the nearby, but cooler, Edna Valley.

Karen and Keith Kato are the first members to take advantage of bonus points for suggesting a new restaurant when they suggested Massimo’s Restaurant in Fremont.  Massimo’s former Executive Chef, and current Special Events Chef, Frank Regaldo, has come up with some excellent wine and food pairings. Due to the unfamiliarity of how our dinners work, Massimo’s has limited the amount of attendees this time around, so send in your reservations early.  


Reminder of the new incentives for 2022: Please help us out with these.

  • As much as we love Martino et al, we would prefer a core group of restaurants. So, instead of one Diablo Point. We are upping it to five Diablo Points. Please send me the name of the restaurant and the email for the contact person that you have previously discussed our group with.
  • To encourage an increase in membership, we are also increasing the Diablo Points for new members from three to five. Also, if you re-indoctrinate a member(-ship) who has not been to a dinner for more than four years, you and the members that renew split four Diablo Points. If the former member rejoins of their own volition, they receive the whole four Diablo points.

Covid Protocols 2022 – All Attendees, Members, guests and speakers, will be required to show proof of vaccination and booster before entry. There will be no refunds. If you are a member, you only have to show your proof of vaccination once.

Please click here to download the menu and order form
Hook & Ladder of Sonoma County Our Septemer dinner will feature wines from Hook & Ladder.
Foxen Vineyards of Santa Barbara County Our October dinner will feature Foxen Vineyards of Santa Barbara County.

Castoro Cellars of Paso Robles Castoro Cellars of Paso Robles will be pouring their "Dam Fine Wine" for the November dinner.
Under the Wire and Bedrock Wineries of Sonoma County December's dinner will feature two sibling wineries.  Under the Wire produces sparkling wines and Bedrock produces still wines, many of which are from old vines.