What are Diablo Points?

In 1996, the Diablo Wine Tasters created its annual Diablo Points contest to encourage active participation of its members. Points are awarded to members for participation in the Chapter's events throughout each year.

How are Points Earned?

Each membership earns points as follows:

  • – One point for each person that a membership brings to each event.
  • – A point is earned for each membership (as well as a free dinner) for helping to arrange the wines for a dinner, or to act as restaurant coordinator.
  • – Three points are earned for each new member sponsored.
  • – Seven points for each new affiliate sponsored.

What Does Having Points Mean?

At the end of the year, the Diablo points are tallied and the top three finishers are awarded a special bottle of wine as a prize. The rest of the members each get one ticket for each point earned throughout the year to be used in a special raffle. The winners of this raffle get to select from wines specially culled from the year's events. The more points earned, the better the odds!

How Can I Maximize the Points Earned?

To illustrate how this works, let's say Jim and Judy are members. They bring their non-member friends, Tom and Susan, to a Diablo Wine Tasters event. Tom and Susan enjoy themselves so much that they decide to join the club that night. Jim and Judy get seven points for the evening! They are awarded one point apiece for each of the four people brought in under their membership, plus three more for sponsoring a new member. Tom and Susan get two points for attending as members, plus they get to have the difference between the price they paid as non-members deducted from their membership dues.

Will you be the winner this year?